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At Laurentien Électrique, we provide comprehensive electrical solutions for both commercial and industrial construction projects. Leveraging our vast expertise and decades of experience, we deliver a range of services that are custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

From medium and high voltage systems to advanced automation and heating controls, we offer the technical proficiency necessary for your project's success. Whether it's a commercial office layout or a large-scale industrial setup, our dedicated team is committed to powering your vision with unparalleled efficiency and excellence.

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Industrial Construction

Laurentien Électrique is adept at handling industrial construction projects. We manage medium and high voltage systems, generator sets, and offer installation upgrades. Our services encompass tailored office layout planning, equipment modernization, and rigorous testing before market launch.

We deliver top-notch design, engineering, and precise instrumentation control. Additionally, we install comprehensive lighting systems, offer automation and maintenance services, as well as specialize in heating and ventilation control systems. We're your go-to solution for all industrial electrical needs.

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Commercial Construction

At Laurentien Électrique, our expertise spans a wide range of commercial construction projects. We specialize in medium and high voltage systems, generator group management, and installation upgrades.

We offer tailored office layout planning and equipment modernization, with comprehensive testing before market introduction. Our professional design and engineering services are complemented by precise instrumentation and control, along with setup of lighting systems and automation. We provide dedicated maintenance services and specialize in heating and ventilation control systems. Let us energize your commercial project with our exceptional electrical solutions.

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